Best Solutions for Premature Ejaculation – 10 Ways to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

Do you struggle with lasting as long as you want to during sex? Do you know you can perform better but just can’t seem to control your orgasm? Do you want to last longer in bed naturally? You’ve found the best resource on the Internet. This article will give you ten of the best solutions for premature ejaculation out there. All you have to do is try them out for yourself. Try these out at home today and you will last longer than you did before guaranteed. Don’t waste your money on expensive creams and sprays with weird side effects that just don’t work. Cure your premature ejaculation problem for good now.


1. Always Masturbate Before Sex – If you’re not masturbating before sex, start. This will force your body into the refractory period making it physically impossible for you to orgasm as fast the second time around. Shoot for masturbating once an hour or so before you plan on getting lucky.


2. Masturbate Smart – Practice holding off when you masturbate. If you can get better at controlling when you climax on your own, you’ll have better stamina in bed.


3. Get Enough Sleep – If you’re not getting six to eight hours of sleep, you’re not getting enough rest. Your body can’t give you the control you need unless it has enough energy. Have a power nap before you go out if you can’t get enough hours in at night.


4. Change Positions – This is a proven technique that pro’s use everywhere. Whenever you feel like things are getting a little too heated and you’re about to explode, pull out and change positions. Not only is this tip discrete, but you can use it as much as you need to, plus she’ll think you’re better in bed and more skilled.


5. Tingling Lubricant – This stuff is great. You can buy tingling lube at any drug store or grocery. Check the expiry date, and use it as necessary. The tingling sensation will feel awesome on her, she’ll think it’s nice you thought of her and it numbs you so you feel less intense sensations.


6. Relax – Stress plays a major part in your ability to control an orgasm. Do something that is just for you, solo guy time playing video games, going for a run or playing guitar, whatever is just for you, will work great.


7. Eat Right – Rest alone won’t help you have better control. Eating junk all day may be fast and easy, but it’s going to kill your stamina in the bedroom. Opt for fresh vegetables, protein and lots of pasta or whole grain breads. Give your body the right fuel and you’ll have the power you need to rock her world.


8. Choose Sex Positions Wisely – Not all sex positions are created equal. Not only does using the same sex positions over and over again make sex boring, but it also doesn’t help you control your premature ejaculation. Switch it up and choose positions that give her extra pleasure but are harder for you to hold. Anything where you have to stand up, balance or focus on supporting yourself and giving her the time of her life will help you last longer every time.


9. Hydrate – You need your fluids, and not just coffee and energy drinks. Have sex like a master by making sure you are always drinking water. Cut out the sugar and you’ll cut out the sugar lows, and boost your energy and control naturally.


10. Foreplay – This is so important. Most guys just don’t get that you can get all of the time you need by scheduling your sex session smarter. Instead of making out and getting right into penetration, focus on her getting hers first. Take your time during foreplay, having oral sex or just getting her all hot and bothered. Tease her, make her beg for sex before you give it to her. Not only will this turn her on, or possibly even get her first orgasm out of the way, but by the time you get to penetration, she’ll be so close you won’t need a lot of time anyways.


You want to last longer in bed naturally and now you can. Stay hard longer, have more fun, get your self-confidence back and have the sex you know you’re capable of. You’ve read the best solutions for premature ejaculation out there, now it’s up to you to use them and change your life forever. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll see results every single time. 

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