Fast Remedy for Premature Ejaculation – What to Use Today So You Can Last Longer in Bed Tonight

You don’t have to fall victim to the scams out there, claiming that they are your number one solution but they aren’t. Even though they are tempting, no man should buy that one cream or one pill will fix a problem that you have had for years. It just doesn’t go away that quickly. Instead, there are healthier ways to achieve the stamina that you want in the bedroom and it’s time you went down that route instead.


There is a fast remedy for premature ejaculation that you can put your trust in today so it will help you to last longer tonight. There are things that you can be doing right now that will help you to give your sexual stamina the boost that it has been craving. It’s now or never so make it happen now.


One of the best and fastest remedies for premature ejaculation is to know when it is too late. There are 5 levels of arousal to the male orgasm and most men are able to recognize level 4, when they are too close to orgasm and level 5 when they are climaxing. Anything that you try to do in level 4 will, unfortunately, backfire in your face. This is the biggest mistake that men make when trying to last longer. They try to do something when it is too late.


Instead, you need to recognize your level 3. This happens right before you feel like you are too close to orgasm. Even though it might not make too much sense, this is when putting in preventative measures will work in your favor. You don’t want to get to the point of no return because you won’t see any results. Right before that warm rush of pleasure comes over you, is when you need to change things.


As you hit your level 3, this is when you can start using these methods described below to help you last longer in bed.


Start-Stop Method. This is one of the most popular ways of lasting longer in bed. Essentially, you have sex until you hit the third level of arousal and then you pull out. Stopping stimulation altogether will help you to last longer because then, you need to build yourself back up again. You need to redo all of the progress that you made and in turn, this will help you to last longer.


Squeezing. Another way to last longer in bed is to squeeze the tip of your penis as you pull out. This will stop blood flow and when you stop blood flow, this also stops your orgasm. Again, this is another way to reset your orgasm in a sense, so it takes you twice as long to get back to that point.


Tugging. You can also tug on your testicles when you feel like you are getting too close to orgasm. When you are about to ejaculate, your testicles get closer to your body in preparation. Stop this natural reaction by tugging at your testicles and pulling them away slightly from your body.

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