Fast Fix for Premature Ejaculation – How to Last Longer in Bed Tonight Without Pills

Struggling with premature ejaculation and control over your orgasm is something that a lot of men can identify with. You are not alone in this matter. It happens all of the time to men all over the world and they can all agree with you on the premise that they just want it to be over and done with.


We assume that premature ejaculation is something that we deal with in our teenage years, when we just first start having sex, but that is not the case. For some men, this condition follows them around for years to come. No matter what they do to try to alleviate it, nothing seems to work. What are you supposed to do if this is you? Are you supposed to just admit defeat and suffer with early ejaculation for the rest of your life?


Of course not. All you need is a fast fix for premature ejaculation that you can put all of your trust in. You don’t have to let this control your life for another moment. There is relief and it comes in the form of something natural and something safe.


You can last longer in bed tonight without pills by following these 3 simple steps.


The first step is to learn how to channel your energy and anxiety into something positive. For example, you are nervous about having sex because you are nervous about premature ejaculation and you are nervous about premature ejaculation because you are nervous about not pleasing your girl. Sound about right? What if you were able to make her orgasm before you even had? Then the pressure would be off of you to perform and you would be able to enjoy it, just as she would because she was already satisfied right off the bat.


Try going down on her before sex or try giving her some kind of stimulation to help her reach orgasm before you are inside of her. This will do wonders for the way you look at sex and it will help to take the edge off that affects you so strongly.


Another way to last longer in bed is to use some fast-acting techniques, such as putting pressure on your body. When you feel like you are close to losing control, try squeezing the tip of your penis. This will stop blood flow to the tip of your penis, allowing you to relax and allowing your orgasm to control itself.


If this doesn’t work, change it up and try tugging at your testicles away from your body. When you feel your orgasm approach, your testicles tend to suck up into your body. Avoid the reflex to orgasm by pulling them away from your body. This will help you out.


You don’t have to rely on pills in order to get the results that you are hoping for when there are so many natural remedies that you can put your faith into. You can last longer in bed and all you need to do is following a fast fix for premature ejaculation so you can get back on track. 

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