5 Early Ejaculation Exercises – How to Naturally Build Your Stamina and Last Longer Tonight

The issue of “going too soon” is something that you would rather be a thing of the past than a thing of the present. Premature ejaculation is a problem that men all over the world have to deal with constantly, including you and you couldn’t be more frustrated.


You are looking for a way to naturally build your stamina and to last longer in bed tonight. You are done being unable to satisfy your girl and you are done feeling like you are inadequate. Only young men should have to deal with early ejaculation and you shouldn’t. You’re ready for something new.


To help you on your quest to lasting longer in bed, you don’t have to spend money on creams, pills or sprays to do so. There are natural and safe ways to improve your stamina and they come in the form of these 5 early ejaculation exercises that you can use today.


1. Release before. Making yourself reach climax beforehand can greatly improve your stamina time. This is because your body is put into the refractory stage, a period of the male orgasm that inhibits him from having another one. Women don’t have this because they don’t’ have to reset anything, but you do and that is great news for you.


2. Hit the gym. With a healthy body and a better stamina on the treadmill, that will translate to a better stamina in the bedroom. Plus, with a healthier view of yourself and feeling good about how you look, this will help to boost your confidence further and make you feel good enough for her, allowing you to last longer.


3. Switch positions. Just when you think that you are getting close, switch up the sexual position that you and your partner are using. This will give you a few more minutes because stopping stimulation for the male arousal is a great way to reset his pleasure. Try switching to a less intense position and this will give you plenty of time to work with.


4. Meditate. Do you feel like your mind just isn’t up to par? A lot of men are out of sync with their mind and this can contribute to a poor performance in the bedroom. Try meditation as a means to gain that control back. Some men who are able to get into deep meditation become stallions in the bedroom. You can too.


5. PC muscles. Women have them but you do too and the stronger they are, the more control you will have. Try working these muscles a few times a day. All you need to do is apply pressure on the perineum and squeeze in. That is the muscle you need to work. The stronger it is, the longer you will last and the better your pleasure will be.


Lasting longer in bed is easy with these 5 early ejaculation exercises. You can last long enough to give her pleasure and it’s time that you did just that today. Don’t let PE ruin another night in with your partner. Take control over your body and make the change now. 

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